Ayer Rotary Club

Chip Guercio Sworn In As Club President

Chip Guercio assumed the presidency of the Ayer Rotary Club for the 2012-13 year at a ceremony June 21, 2012 at The Bull Run Restaurant, owned by the Guercio family and the weekly meeting place for the club.  Joining Chip in the club leadership will be Linda Guinard, Vice President; John Gervais, Treasurer; Earl Hasz, Secretary; Bryan Sawyer, Sergeant at Arms; Jimmy Pinard, Director; Karen Strickland-Sampson, Director; and Melissa Fetterhoff, Immediate Past President.

While Chip typically performs the installation of new officers, the club advisor, Peter Burk, ably and poignantly performed the duties of swearing in all the new officers.  In a speech to the club, Chip urged the members to continue their hard work toward raising money for charitable causes and pursuing service projects both locally and internationally.


New club officers include (left to right) Karen Strickland-Sampson, Director; Melissa Fetterhoff, Immediate Past President; Jimmy Pinard, Director; John Gervais, Treasurer; and Bryan Sawyer, Sergeant at Arms.  At right, Peter Burk, Club Advisor, bestows conducts the installation ceremony.