Rotary Partners with Page Hilltop Elementary School to Win Plastic Bag Recycling Challenge!
We are teaming up with Page Hilltop Elementary School to win the NexTrex Recycling Challenge.  Together, if we collect 1,000 pounds of plastic, we win a Trex Bench for outside of the Page Hilltop Elementary School.
Recyle Beyond the Bag
Rotary & Page Hilltop School Partner for Plastic Bag Recycling Challenge
Together, if we collect 1,000 pounds of plastic, we win a Trex Bench for outside of the Page Hilltop Elementary School courtesy of the NexTrex Recycling Challenge
Why Collect Plastic?
Students and families are encouraged to start saving plastic grocery bags and other polyethylene films instead of throwing them in the trash.  Collecting polyethylene for this Recycling Challenge:
  • Keeps it out of landfills.
  • Teaches children how easy and important it is to recycle.
  • Engages the students in a community service project where they can contribute to the group’s success.
  • Page Hilltop will receive a new Trex bench to be placed on school grounds.
Where Do Families Deliver Plastic?
Page Hilltop will give families the details on how and when to deliver your collected plastic. Watch for the school email newsletter and for information sent home with your student. In the meantime, read on to see what plastics can and cannot be turned in, and start collecting. 
What Plastic Can We Accept
Please take a few seconds to see what types of plastic bags and film can be accepted for the Challenge.
  • Grocery bags
  • Bread bags
  • Bubble wrap (please pop the bubbles)
  • Dry cleaning bags
  • Newspaper sleeves
  • Ice bags
  • Plastic shipping envelopes
  • Reclosable food storage bags
  • Cereal bags
  • Case overwrap
  • Salt bags
  • Pallet wrap & stretch film
  • Wood pellet bags
  • Produce bags
All plastic must be clean, dry and free of food residue.
What Cannot Be Recycled
The following are examples of plastic bags and plastic film that will NOT be accepted for the Challenge.
  • Frozen food bags
  • Candy bar wrappers
  • Chip bags
  • Net or mesh produce bags
  • Pet food bags
  • Degradeable/compostable bags or film packaging
  • Six-pack rings
  • PPE- Gloves, masks or protective wear
  • Pool covers
  • Lamination film
  • Silage and hay bags
  • Vinyl shower curtains or tablecloths
  • Bedding or linen packaging
  • Shiny, crinkly films like floral wrap
  • Backyard ice rinks
  • Boat shrink wrap
Other Info
The Rotary Club will pick up the plastic from the school and deliver it to a NexTrex Recycling center. We will keep track of how much is collected and report our recycling totals to NexTrex. Once we have won the Challenge and receive the bench, we will present it to the school.